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Sexual Revolution of the 60’s and 70’s is still Evolving

The sexual revolution of the 60s and 70s was birthed from generations of sexual oppression. A lot of outdated sexual sigma was demolished during this powerful exploratory time, yet there is still so much sexual unconsciousness left to be healed, evolved and redefined. The desire for sexual change moved like wildfire and turned to ash many outdated sexual beliefs from the past. Collectively people begin calling out to end sexual repression and overcome the soul oppression of religious conditioning. People began again embracing the natural human body through public non sexualized nudity. While the playboy mentality claimed over sexualized fantasies could set you free from the dread of monogamy. Contradictions were a commonality. Many worked tirelessly to pave the way for sexual equality.

The women’s rights movement helped so many positive changes come into being that are still evolving. Transgender and Gay rights movements have been and still are key in humanity beginning to see the beauty within the full spectrum of sexual orientations and gender expressions more clearly. Interpersonal sexual negotiations and relationship obligations began a total social transformation. Many doors were opened that had long been locked. Yet some doors remained closed because the keys had been tossed or lost. Traditional male and female roles were forever rocked and rolled to many individual self proclaimed spots. Many marriages were unable to reframe and sustain when their stuck concepts were forced to rearrange. Ancient beliefs were unlearned. Some families broke apart. The roots of many trees were burned and through shadows of sexual lust love was discerned. The Free Love sexual movement brought about much needed change, leaving it clear to see that Love may be free but with sex there is always an exchange of subtle energy. Sex directly affects your perception of reality. The evolution of the sexual revolution Is about harnessing the tools to master the powers of subtle energy through sexual ecstasy so as to reach your full potential within passionate monogamy. The revolution happens in the bedroom, as we evolve with each passing moon.

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Kaya Bohdana is an accomplished seer, teacher of the subtle arts, student of energetic truth, sexual visionary, empath, multi-clair sensitive, conscious grid facilitator, inspired speaker, earth-based minister, revolutionary healer and the founder of the Sexual Revolution and Sexual Enlightenment Teachings.

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The Sexual REvolution is an Evolution of Consciousness formed from energetic truths that calls on You and the collective mentality of humanity to experience the life changing resolution that comes from enlightening ones own sexual constitution.
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