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The Golden House

If you want to explore sexuality, committed love offers the potential of infinite ecstasy.

How do you know if you are with “THE ONE?”

Discover the Golden House… Separation is a perception where you look for the one. Within the perception of interconnectedness you are the one, one man is all men and one woman is all women. The only distinction is the point of creation you choose to be born through, how much conscious light you allow to move through you and where within the spectrum of personal potential you choose to relate yourself to, relative to eternal truth. Perception can allow conscious connection or create the illusion of separation. Many never reach the lowest low or highest high within their potential of experience, still no one’s highest high is higher than another’s highest high nor is anyone’s lowest low lower than another’s lowest low. So to judge yourself or another before the journey is through is to hold onto a darkened truth as the light of potential moves beyond your view. No one’s life is in vain when one learns from everything. When truth is known you are not lonely even when alone.

Shift Your Perception

To honor and commit to one man or one woman beyond the confines of judgment  is to allow the natural evolution of human consciousness to take place. This expanded perception within the sacredness of a committed relationship allows for both partners to receive their gifts of destiny and open up to the incredible power of loving unconditionally. If you sleep with countless lovers, you have to shift your own perception in countless ways to truly relate to the lovers in which you lay. When you sleep with one committed lover you can learn to expand your perception of yourself and your significant other, unconditionally loving each other through each day. Reflecting each other’s genuine truth as the rest falls away.


To each lover a piece of yourself you release and giveaway. If your seed of consciousness goes un-watered then your gift of self was given in vain and loss of self can not be sustained.


You receive what is projected into your being and that which is received sexually must be transmuted or it becomes part of your body’s mind and the way you see reality.

The Golden House is a consciously created multidimensional energetic structure formed from a sustained commitment to a love so strong that nothing from the outside world has the power to take it down.

Create a Golden House and Sustain Passionate Monogamy

The Golden House is the conscious process of enlightening yourself and your relationship thru the awareness of how to give and receive light from all aspects of your being, while practicing the art form of subtle energy transmuting. Through the process of coming to know yourself and your lovers body, mind, spirit and soul, you absolve all judgment and the golden circle between you becomes whole.

With conscious sexuality, and the creative sustaining of physical reality the foundation of your house comes into being.  As you learn to relate to the male and female minds the walls of your house become the divine. As soul wisdom intertwines the ceiling of your home in gold is defined. The conscious commitment to the fulfillment of both partners destinies forms the roof of the golden house that shields true love from the rain of collective despondency and preserves the passionate expression of true sexual intimacy. The Golden House maintained transmutes internal and external negativity allowing both partners to achieve their destinies while protecting the children within the home and meeting the family’s basic needs. Nothing is secret, nothing is hidden, all of both is given, all of both received, all of both is loved unconditionally.

The energy you and your partner generate and maintain is the space from which all your decisions are made.

The power that the Golden House grid facilitates is so great, it causes the pain of modern relationship struggles to dissipate.  As your body, mind, spirit and soul remember how to interrelate you reinstate the ability to consciously cultivate living gold within your home. With this gold codependency disintegrates, pieces reintegrate and both partners become whole. The Golden House structure sustains a clear perception of personal reality that honors both partners and the fulfillment of their destiny while protecting the personal light and soul goals of the children it holds from the process of social and societal unenlightening. The Golden House allows the enlightening family to see all of life’s challenges thru the light of unconditional love.This structure sustains the family’s abilities to see and move thru life with non-distorted perceptual clarity. The gold that can not be seen transmutes the illusions that judgment brings. The Golden House teachings help you access your highest abilities as you reach into the debts of your love’s endless capacity to fulfill you beyond your minds wanting and allow the process of true self realizing to naturally enlighten how you see reality. Conscious interrelating helps you ignite your completeness of being, allowing you to create beyond circumstance and substance the vibrations that you and your family need. In time your golden love grows so strong it touches the world around reaching all you see, facilitating the transformation of inner and outer hierarchy, helping create true earth equality.

The Teachings of The Golden House

  • Revitalize your committed relationship tap into your love light and ignite your sex life
    Sustain and maintain passionate monogamy while in continued support of you and your lover’s self-realization and soul evolution
  • Designed to give you and your lover the key tools and understanding to build your own golden house and actualize the Golden Lover Within
  • Through Wisdom transference teachings, innovative sexual understandings, and powerful spiritual practices you learn to reignite your commitment to love and sustain your sexual joy and zest for life
  • Below is more information about this incredible Sexual Enlightenment path
  • Learn how to consciously create the multidimensional energetic structure of The Golden House from the foundation of the body to the walls of the mind, and the ceiling of the soul to the roof of destiny. This is a consciously created structure which is an earth based, non-hierarchical, self realization, spiritual enlightenment grid
  • Become a Golden Lover and ignite your ability to sexually actualize and manifest into being the fulfillment of you and your lover’s energetic needs. Sustained golden sexuality sets the mind free from the confines of fantasy to fully experience the pleasure potential within true reality
  • Learn how to relate the male and female powers within yourself and all life through activating the powers of your Conscious Projection and Receptive Encompassment
  • Thru the art of Resonance Understanding you learn how to free yourself and your family from the confines of conceptualization that block personal evolution
  • Receive powerful wisdom to overcome the duality of judging reality, which activates the ability to give and receive love unconditionally. This process creates a subtle gold that facilitates a conscious relationship to form between the body and soul which allows the eye of perception which sees both worlds to be whole
  •  Overcome perfectionism through the practice of Grateful Evolution
  • Learn to touch your lover in such a way you communicate what words can not relay, realize how to connect beyond the confines of the mind and the illusions of time so your consciousness can navigate and effectively co-create your sexual relationship’s vibrational state, through non-conceptual touching
  • Learn to listen and respond to the giving and receiving of conscious vibrational information through Intimate Touch Relating
  • You will also learn the art of Conscious Touch Sexual Re-patterning to ignite and sustain passion between lovers, healing what blocks the subtle energy communication that facilitates healthy sexual expression
  •  Learn how to relate to you and your lover’s body, mind and soul with the power of Emotional Spirit Mastery
  • Experience the liberation of self and true intimacy with others through the practice of the Golden Circle Meditation
  • You will be given the gift of Golden OHAH, one of the quickest ways to transmute negative vibration through the power of 3 point focus sound mastery
  • Learn how Golden OHAH can be used sexually to increase love, passion and intimate ecstasy
  • Learn the art of intuitive sexual timing
  • Learn the Remembrance Meditation to transmute the inevitable imprints made by false senses of self received or projected out during the process of self realization
  • Receive the tools to consciously co-create a sexually committed relationship grid that is dedicated to the self realization of both partners, the unveiling and fulfilling of each lover’s destiny, and the commitment to see and be seen clearly through the processing of darkness that arises along the path of sexual enlightening
  • You will learn how to utilize the gift of the Golden Vessel to transmute negativity. This practice teaches you to truly honor the receptivity of those you love most dearly, strengthening the love flow you are consciously facilitating
  • Learn to instate the 4 golden gates which creates the sexual safe space for guilt free self pleasuring, in this place you honor the sexual exploration of you, and thru these sacred gates you are able to clearly see how and when to open them and let your lover in
  •  Learn to enlighten your body through your food with Origin Gratitude
  •  Grow and consciously know your soul and body by allowing clear conversations between your infinite self and your finite self orchestrated by your incredibly powerful mind with Divine Mind Communication
  • With Conscious Energy Transference techniques learn infuse your daily chores in such a way that you are not drained but grateful and replenished by the daily work you do
  • Receive the gifts, wisdom and sacred rights that sit within the many roles you hold as well as learning to be grateful for the roles and wisdom that others hold which creates the space for collective truth to be told
  • Learn how to use Sourcen to heal sexual trauma and relationship slights
  • Learn to free yourself from spiritual dogma, and absolve self judgment so as to love yourself unconditionally as you are, allowing yourself be loved by others unconditionally while naturally becoming who you are destined to be
  • Create the essence of your future consciously with the 7 Day 7 Year journey
  • Understand the wisdom of energetic flow within the conscious male dominate and conscious female dominant relationship structures as well as learn to facilitate the space where male and female energies are projected and received equally, and learn about each structure’s unique qualities
  •  Learn to create living gold with Golden Sourcen
  • Learn how to protect and honor the inner space of your love structure and realize the power that the space between you and your lover holds
  • Learn to harness true power within the Flash of Gold Orgasm understandings
  • You will learn how to consciously create the multidimensional energetic structure of The Golden House from the foundation of the body to the walls of the mind, and the ceiling of the soul to the roof of destiny, this is a consciously created structure which is an earth based, non-hierarchical, self realization, spiritual enlightenment grid
  • You learn how the gifts of your destiny protect you and your lover from the rain of despondency and learn to find gifts at every level of your Golden House
  • Learn how to ignite the gift of Golden Touch to heal yourself, your lover, and your family
  • Learn the art of highest potential oral sex and enlightened sex reciprocity
  • Learn to overcome sexual hast for the more impatient your wanting for anything the longer you must wait, develop Patient Sexual Presence and draw you and your lover’s feeling capacity as deep into pleasure as both partners want it to be
  • Realize the profound gifts that you receive by creating and maintaining your golden house
  • Learn how your golden house facilitates sustained sacred space and offers you the right to create a lineage of conscious light, through the practice of  Love Transference
  • Gain the wisdom to balance the flow of mutual pleasuring with Golden Sexual Reciprocity
  • Learn to understand of the silent promise of conception that sits within the center of The Golden House, this sexual clarity is key to be able to behold the eternal gold within the sacred space that children hold, living in alignment with your children’s Oath of Origin transfers the wisdom of your love’s evolution to your kids so they can clearly see their truth and live within it as they develop their perception of reality
  • Create the space to see your children clearly and be seen by your children clearly as you learn to facilitate golden circles through giving and receiving resonate spoken truth with conscious tone, as well as learn to continually evolve your perception of them so they are not confined by your need to protect them and allow them to evolve their perception of you so they can see themselves evolving through you
  • Free your visual potential with 3rd Eye Laughing imagination liberation understandings
  • Realize how maintaining your Golden House shields you and your family from the darkness of society’s hierarchical grids, and how embodying this powerful structure prevents the grind of the times from unenlightening the family mind
  • Walk upon the path of Sexual Enlightenment and reclaim your personal power to sustain sexual balance within committed relationships, learn to become the integrity that feeds sexual sustainability as you strengthen your intimate relating abilities thru being the flow that moves sexual stagnancy
  • You will learn how to heal broken houses as well as the art of Golden House expansion, and the inner connected love of golden house adoption, you will also receive powerful techniques to gracefully move through the inevitable challenges of long term committed love
  • Transform you and your partner’s past hurts through the art of Sexual Healing
  • Learn how to consciously create and sustain a personal golden house that sets the standards for how others relate to you
  • Through the power of the Self Love Key understandings  you learn to move beyond hierarchy so as to truly experience the magic that when in judgment of others you can not see
  • Be received by the earth and learn to connect all aspects of your being with Love Flow Remembering
  • Through Eternal Heart Synergy you will learn to utilize the golden house structure to focus, refine and magnify the truth within you and your lover so powerfully that the wisdom of your combined love is received and reflected by eternity, maintain this connection and long after you are gone the legacy of your love continues to live on
  • Learn to transmute negativity creatively through the way of Emotional Artistry
  • Learn to overcome the energies that push the unconscious mind towards cheating through the wisdom of the Attractor Factor teachings which gives you power to become aware of external attractions and the skills to harness the needed essence from within, learn to ignite your ability to become abundant in what once was lacking as you prevent the unnecessary pain of retrospective relationship regretting
  • You learn how to infuse the needed energies into your Golden House so your loving relationship doesn’t dissipate over time but grow infinitely stronger and aligns with the sacred and divine
  • Learn the art of golden oil anointing and the healing power of body equality touch
  • Learn how to practice the art of the Whole Life Moving Meditation, realizing how to meditate with your life not separate from it
  • You will be taught the Enlightened Parents Meditation to reclaim your true sense of self and clarify your perception of personal potential
  • You will learn how to trust your inner wisdom, overcoming doubt as key in freeing yourself from a circumstance based mentality
  • Overcome self imposed limitations and ignite the power of your creation with Sexual Manifestation Meditation
  • Realize how creating Golden Houses helps heal and inspire the planet as a whole and is integral in the sexual evolution of consciousness that is creating the future reality of human beings
  • Ignite the sexual pleasure and power of sustained love with Sacred Touch Sex rituals, learn how enticing sexual rituals key to the foundation of your golden house
  • You learn how the gifts of your destiny protect you and your lover from the rain of despondency and learn to find gifts at every level of your Golden House

The Male and Female Within

The Wild Lover, Sexual Alchemy, and the Golden House teachings are constantly evolving with the students that receive them, this dynamic exchange is uniquely customized to relate to the individual and their gender associations “he, she, they” as well to the inner male and female that is within all humans, so all teachings geared towards masculine empowerment can be applied to yourself as a man or to the men in your life and/or to the masculine within and all teachings geared towards female empowerment can be applied to yourself as a woman or to the women in your life and/or to the feminine within.


Male Empowerment

Tap into the true gifts of the masculine and begin to understand the incredible power of projection to plant conscious seeds and transform your perception and heal relationship confusion and spiritual stagnation, learn how to harness your enlightened sexual abilities to reach your true peace, dynamic power and highest potential.

female empowerment

Female Empowerment

Learn to sustain a clear perception while cultivating a sexually empowered reality transforming your relationship with yourself, your lover, and your life while Igniting your incredible feminine powers of transmutation reclaiming your empathic power to consciously magnify or transmute that which you receive and embody the incredible potential inherent in your being.

singles are welcome

Available to All

Whether you are in a partnership or not, expanding your understanding of sexuality ignites your innate abilities to set yourself free, transmute emotional states of being and truly experience the full expression of your potential within this reality

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Sexual Enlightenment Coaching

Each Sexual Enlightenment Coaching package offers you the opportunity to be supported along your journey, receiving dynamic personalized guidance that empowers you to realize your potential, actualize the jewels within you and activate the gifts of the Sexual Enlightenment Path you choose.

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Touch of Love


Infinite Embrace 9 Months of Enlightenment Coaching

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