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Kaya Bohdana is an accomplished seer, teacher of the subtle arts, student of energetic truth, sexual visionary, empath multi-clair sensitive, the founder of the Sexual Revolution and Sexual Enlightenment Teachings.

Kaya Bohdana

In Service to the Good of All

Kaya Bohdana is an accomplished seer, teacher of the subtle arts, student of energetic truth, sexual visionary, empath, multi-clair sensitive, conscious grid facilitator, inspired speaker, earth-based minister, revolutionary healer and the founder of the Sexual Revolution and Sexual Enlightenment Teachings.

As well as the co-curator with husband John Khalsa of the Golden House Revolution Center in Austin, Tx. Which along with this website houses the original teachings of The Golden House, The Wild Lover and Sexual Alchemy as well as the 7th sense movement of OHAH, Sourcen, S.E.C.S (Subtle. Energy. Communication. System) Substance Alchemy, Triple Empath Empowerment, Sexual Awareness Rituals, Natural Kink, Energy reading and Resonance Training, Destiny Gift Readings, Earth Divination boards, Receptivity Vessels, Rhythmic Re-patterning, Sexual Seasons (intimacy rhythms) 3rd Eye Laughing (imagination liberation) Expanding Circles (mind opening meditation) Sacred Remembrance technique and the infinite power of the Golden Circle understandings.

Having spent over 25+ years in this lifetime observing how profoundly subtle energy affects sexual each and every human being on the planet whether we believe energy is real or not it is still affecting our perception of reality and we are all constantly exchanging the vibrations we create and carry within us with those we are closest to and to a degree the whole world…which is one of the many reasons understanding energy is key to the evolution of humanity and since sex is one of the most powerful ways we as humans exchange energy, it is clear that an evolution of sexuality must come to be for our human potential to be set free.

Through these observations and from a place of love for all I was compelled to offer these accumulated understandings out into the world for all who are ready to ignite their true energetic power and inner sexual wisdom. All teachings here are non-hierarchical earth based truths designed to empower all people and support the sensitives, empaths , healers and light workers of this world so we may all have the tools and keys needed transform accumulated negative energy, sustain beautiful lives, loving relationships, blessed children and stand in reverence and respect for this earth, protecting what is sacred and honoring all life. May all be held by the abundant wisdom of this earth and enlightened by the unconditional light of the sun knowing no one is better or lesser than anyone.

Discover The Golden House in Austin, Texas

The golden house is the sustained commitment to unconditionally loving all aspects of your being as you are consciously self realizing, while maintaining the ability to clearly see and be clearly seen within the relationship with the one you are committed to sexually. It is a consciously created non-hierarchal, earth based, spiritual structure that anyone truly dedicated can learn to co-create.

The Golden House allows the enlightening family to see all of life’s challenges through the light of each other’s unconditional love. Magnified by your family the light of your love is able to grow abundantly blessing all within the home infinitely. The Golden House you create gives back many times the vitality it took to instate. The Golden House protects, honors and heals the children it holds, setting new grids for sustainable earth destiny to unfold. The golden house is the maintained experience of two partners being truly respected and seen by each other as they consciously explore the debts of their beings. Both are committed to always see each other’s highest potentiality thru their process of self actualizing their consciously created destinies. This structure sustains the family’s abilities to see and move through life with non-distorted perceptual clarity. The gold that can not be seen transmutes the illusions that judgment brings. Consciously relating while igniting your completeness of being allows you to create beyond circumstance and substance the vibrations that you and your family need. In time your golden love grows so strong it touches the world around transforming all you see, within and outside your being. This clarity dissipates the illusions of hierarchy, helping facilitate true earth equality.

The Golden House Sexual REvolution Center is the co-creation of Kaya Bohdana and John Khalsa and is dedicated to consciously serving the community with energetically resonate truths.

The doors are open to all human beings from all walks of life who are genuinely interested in evolving beyond the need to concept and judge reality and would like to evolve spiritually thru the art of enlightened sexuality. This facility was created in honor of our children Suvana, Coyote, and Nirmal. The Golden House stands in respect to all people of truth who are here to facilitate the radical changes needed preserve the future of this sacred earth.

the golden house

The golden house is our sustained commitment to the unconditional love of this earth, ourselves, all beings and all else.

All proceeds go directly to the continuation of this Revolution.

The Golden House is located at:

5300 Wasson Rd. Austin, Texas 78745