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Earth Ministry

The Golden Mamaz offer beautifully woven Nature Based Marriage Ceremonies, Relationship Blessings and Transformational Musical Perfoas well as Golden Touch Massage Ceremonies. Honor yourself and those dearest to you, by receiving the wisdom of nature’s loving truth and allowing yourself to heal through nature’s true love for you.

Commit naturally to yourself and those you love.

The stars are my cathedral, the trees and the stones my holy books, the air we breath are the robes I wear. The God I see is the mysterious source of infinity. The earth teaches what giving truly means and how to receive that which is given, instead of taking then needing to be forgiven. The sun each day enlightens so unconditionally it is in this light it is clearly seen how to give light consistently with the greatest humility. Within the sweet darkness of the night beneath the traces of the moonlight no eyes are needed to see, for in the night only awareness can protect you while still allowing you to be free. Fear of darkness confines and staring at the sun blinds your abilities to perceive reality in unified clarity. The light of day and dark of night are equally revered by me, for there is true wisdom within everything. Each breath is an honor to breath. Each sight is a gift to see. Each moment… is a leaf growing and a leaf falling, and both are meant to be. The rain, the rivers, the ocean, the dew, the water connects all life thru the essence of moving truth. Divine fire burns passionately transmuting form into it’s next reality. Relationships are key in fulfilling your destiny. Committing to relate to yourself opens the sacred gate and with the trust gained you can consciously create relationships that feed your soul in a reciprocal golden circle. We must take care of ourselves so we can take care of each other. Honor your mother, your father, your sisters and brothers your sons and your daughters your friends and your lover, even a special circle of family or friends committing to sustain the group thru a unified vision. Or bless a budding relationship that has just began with the passion of the rain and the warmth of the sun.

Allow your love to be supported by the natural world. Committing in nature to yourself and those you love allows you to consciously know that no matter where you go your commitment is held by the strength of earth below and enlightened by the love of the sun above. As the wisdom of the moon and the stars shine their light upon your heart, beneath their glow your love infinitely grows. The vows you make are received by eternity, believed by the very air you breath. Your love is felt, your truth is seen. The words you speak are remembered by the ocean, the breeze, and the rings of forming trees. The flower of your soul’s love continues blossoming long after you are free from form and body. Nature held love is fed from the clouds that rain from above. Honor yourself and those you love with a Nature Based Commitment Ceremony.

Commitment Ceremonies

Nature Based Marriage – Commitment Ceremonies and Relationship Blessings honor and strengthen the sacredness of all relationships….with yourself, between lovers, parents and children, deeply connected friends, as well as any group of people of 2 or more with common goals that you would like supported by the incredible powers of nature-based commitment ceremonies.

Sisters of the Earth Ministers also perform legal non-denominational Nature Based Marriage Ceremonies, Separation Ceremonies and Sacred Youth Coming of Age Ceremonies. We can also create together Nature Based Ceremonies that honor those you love but have passed on.

Please email to specify your unique needs and goals for the ceremony so I can give specific details and pricing. All Commitment Ceremonies are custom-made to your preferences and can be hosted anywhere in the Austin area, or at times The Golden House if scheduling allows. Please schedule at least 1- 3 months in advance if you need a certain day and time as my schedule fills up quickly.

Golden Touch Healing

With 20 years of experience in the healing arts, extensively trained and practiced in many forms of massage, bodywork, energy medicine, yoga, healing rituals, earth ministry, martial arts, deep meditation, nature studies and breath work, Kaya Bohdana has developed a gift to all who thirst to be touched sacredly, respectfully and truly…

Golden Touch Massage Ceremonies. Where touch is reverent and massage is a ceremony.

A massage ceremony is a sacred opportunity to be touched with true reverence as you receive specialized bodywork that allows your physical body to revive and regenerate while consciously transferring subtle energy facilitates the natural transmutation of negativity that can accumulate within the mind, heart, spirit and soul. Reverent touch is where the practitioner enters a deep state of meditation and complete reverent respect for the person they are touching while harnessing the inherent gifts of natural life as a spiritual medicine that facilitates the healing and balancing of the whole being.

The practitioners that facilitate Golden Touch Massage Ceremonies are healers trained to harness the power of their mind’s meditation, generate the vibration of natural elements within their own consciousness, master non-judgmental touch, embody unconditional love, discern subtle energy and work intimately with the vibrations of nature to facilitate healing within the perceptual reality of humans. When you receive the ignited power of non-judgmental healing, vibrational nature transference and innovative earth-based bodywork you are given the opportunity to heal on many levels… body, heart, mind, spirit and soul, transforming negative patterns new and old. During your healing ceremony conscious energy medicine is transferred the entire hour and a half of the session. Through the practitioner’s deep meditation, powerful harnessed medicine thoughts, nature’s sacred tools, conscious movement and reverent touch bodywork your whole being is deeply honored throughout the entire healing ceremony. While receiving healing and bodywork you lay beneath the Golden Sheet, which in its unique creation allows the ability for the practitioner to glide effortlessly across the body without the need for massage oils. The practitioner is trained to facilitate a multidimensional healing opportunity for your body, mind, heart, spirit, and soul within the sacred space of the Golden House. Come and experience for yourself the power of Golden Touch Massage Ceremonies.

The Reverent Touch Ritual Massage Ceremonies being offered at this time are-

  • Nature Infusion Ceremony- Bodywork and ritual that rebalances the natural elements of your body, mind, heart, spirit and soul reconnecting your whole being to the incredible powers of earth-connected healing
  • Unconditional Love Ceremony- Bodywork and ritual that helps heal the effects of internal and external hate and judgment held within the body, mind, heart, spirit and soul, clearing the channels of your being of accumulated negativity, so you can learn to love yourself and your life unconditionally
  • Womb Healing Ceremony- Bodywork and ritual designed to help women naturally transmute the subtle energy emotionally and sexually received and held by the womb, for reigniting the creative powers within a woman’s receptive center brings renewed inspiration to all aspects of herself and her life
  • Tree People Ceremony- Bodywork and ritual based on earth equality consciousness, connecting to the tree wisdom energy has the power to help transmute emotional stress, trauma and chaos held in the body, mind and soul, healing what concepts can not reach as you connect to your roots, body, branches, leaves, and ignite the power of your creative seeds
  • Emotional Mastery Ceremony- Bodywork and ritual that helps transmute the negative emotions most bothering you while teaching this wisdom to your body through conscious touch, helping you overcome the limitations of accumulated negative emotions through the art of hands-on transmutation facilitation healing
  • Conceptual Opening Ceremony- Bodywork and ritual that helps facilitate mind, body, soul conscious connection offering you the opportunity to relate to all aspects of yourself deeply while opening back up to experiencing the moment of bliss within your sensory existence

All Golden Touch Ritual Massage Ceremonies are 2 hours long and cost $200 and take place at the Golden House in Austin, TX. You can also contact Kaya to create a custom healing ceremony to meet your specific needs. For more information about the different Golden Touch Healing Massage Ceremonies or to schedule a healing ceremony for yourself or someone you love contact or schedule your session below.

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Whether you are in a partnership or not, expanding your understanding of sexuality ignites your innate abilities to set yourself free, transmute emotional states of being and truly experience the full expression of your potential within this reality.

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Each Sexual Enlightenment Coaching package offers you the opportunity to be supported along your journey, receiving dynamic personalized guidance that empowers you to realize your potential, actualize the jewels within you and activate the gifts of the Sexual Enlightenment Path you choose.

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