Sexual Revolution of Consciousness


Wild Lover

Find the Wild Lover inside, and you will find the one who can always start the fire when the embers die.

Rearrange The Stars In The Sky

Not long ago in the wilds of earth there lived men and women who nature had birthed. Their bodies, minds, spirits and souls lived in harmony with all creatures from the meek to the bold. They were infused with nature’s wisdom, sacred, evolving and whole. Their souls were one with the soul of the earth. They valued love more than all gold and all diamonds are worth. When wild lovers made love the energy exchanged would cause the stars in the sky to rearrange. With each touch the earth’s rivers would rush. With each kiss the sun and the moon would reminisce. As their souls intertwined to them infinity was defined. Sexuality always has been a sacred gift from the divine that calls all creatures to be free from the conceptual mind that constricts the natural expression of cosmic design.

In time people forgot to see the earth as sacred and divine, but saw her as a thing to be explored, conquered and mined. Her body became a commodity to be bought and sold piece by piece. Humans continued delving into the possibilities still shrouded in nature’s mystery. Harnessing technology bestowed many freedoms and comforts to the lives of human beings, yet the earth and her creatures right’s were sacrificed for this gift to be given. To take and not relate is to manipulate creator’s sacred gate that gives forth more than the mind can integrate when living in a judgmental state. Earth manipulation is robbing our own mental salvation.

The earth is our core relation, it is on her ship we sail thru creation. The bodies we carry are earth given and earth sustained.

Re-Connect to the Earth

To re-connect to the earth is to become a wild lover again. The world needs the ecstasy the wild lover understands, to balance the heavy hand of those who don’t understand the ways of the land, so someday all humans can live again in the sacredness that has been forgotten.  The illusions of spiritual and societal hierarchy have lead to widespread insecurity and confusion within the conscious of humanity. Which makes people doubt their own capacity, affects collective sanity and discourages the fulfillment of personal destiny.

The sexual expressive and receptive abilities within every human being is a magic gift that if not protected is thwarted by the false constructs of human supported sexual ignorance. We now sit in houses, sign papers with our spouses, drive in cars along streets, buying things we don’t need, abiding unconsciously to the laws of greed, blindly passing the signs we see, too often forgetting to be grateful for the food we eat. Forgetting the earth holds all we need.  When disconnected from nature the sun cannot shine on the flower in the mind.  Without the light in the mind you make love in the dark waiting for too long for your lovers to re-spark the forgotten wisdom that lies dormant in the heart. Yet deep inside it is known if the fire dies, waiting for lightning is a waste of time.

Find the wild lover inside, and you will find the one who can always start the fire when the embers die.

Climb Down From The Mountain of Judgement

Within your wild heart the wild lover you will find. As a wild lover you climb down from the mountain of judgment and hierarchy, down to the earth where reality can be seen clearly. From this position the wild lover sees all human beings that ever have been or ever will be through the light of true equality, as consciousness evolving.  In this light the wild lover sees all oceans all rivers and streams, as life itself, as part of their being. Water is the blood in the veins that feed the heart beating within. The wild lover sees each plant, each leaf, each tiny seed, each creature of air, earth and sea as intrical parts of reality meant to be respected equally. For the wild lover knows there is wisdom within everything. All life is sacred when seen through the clarity of true spiritual equality. The keys of life are given to those that choose not to judge but learn to shine their light on all, like the sun does. In this light the wild lover sees the rocks, the moon, the stars, all as living beings. Wild lovers find each other in the rich valleys of humble truth. Wild lovers drink of each other to receive the nectar of divine fruit. They plant the seeds the fruit does bare, never forgetting to water the seeds their love conceives. Beneath a canopy of leaves their sexual expression moves far beyond conceptuality into the experience of natural ecstasy. Love is a medicine they make. The wild lovers deeply give and receive pleasure, orgasming with the earth, under the trees, transmuting that which creates the delusions of hierarchy. The wild lovers evolve human consciousness thru the natural expression of their wild sexuality and the truth it does harness.

Wild lovers the time is now to reinstate the sacred gate which opens up your truth to you. The earth remembers you and calls you to remember the sacredness of sex as the fruit and the seed that creates everything seen. Open the true power that sits within your being….become a wild lover again.

The Teachings of The Wild Love

  • Revitalize your sex life as you ignite your birthright to be Wild and consciously connected to a source with no one above you but the sacred infinite and no one below you but this beautiful earth
  • Overcome the hierarchical mentality of illusion to learn to sustain and maintain a clear consciously created perceptual state while reestablishing a conscious connection to the rivers, streams, oceans, earth, air, sunshine, rainbows, plants and all-natural life that you can infuse your sensuality and sexuality with
  • Overcome the harmful affects of earth disconnect and learn to transform the inevitable negative effects of modern existence with fun innovative spiritual and sexual practices
  • Designed to empower you and give you the key tools and understandings you need to ignite the Wild Lover Within
  • Through Wisdom transference teachings, innovative sexual understandings, and powerful spiritual practices you learn to reignite your commitment to your true wild nature and sustain your sexual inspiration and love for life
  • Below is more information about this incredible Sexual Enlightenment Path
  • Learn to master the wisdom of the core nature of sex thru meat and berry remembrance teachings
  • Learn how that female orgasm is connected directly to the spirit of the earth and the male orgasm is directly connected to the physical earth, and how conscious orgasming is key in the human evolution of consciousness and the healing of human mentality
  • Harness your abilities to re-spark the fire of sexual passion within your reality
  • Understand the human made mountain of hierarchy is fueled through judgment and how living on this mountain distorts human’s perception of reality, deeply hindering human’s sexual power and personal potential from fully expressing
  • Learn how climbing down the mountain of conceptual judgment energetically reconnects you to the spirit powers of the earth, the elements and the wisdom of nature, this reconnection ignites your earth based sexual wisdom which can heal the dark ties of insatiable lust created by the many hands modern human’s unconscious touch
  • Learn the gift of Sun Mastery- healing the masculine thru sexual pleasuring
  • Learn the power of Moon Tiding- healing the feminine thru sexual pleasuring
  • With Elemental OHAH you will learn to consciously infuse your body, mind, spirit, and soul with the cellular memory of the elements of creation clearing your being of false conceptualization, as well as learning an incredibly easy and effective way to transmute excess negative energy so as to retain clarity, nature infuse your sexuality and re-create a nature based mentality
  • Learn how to heal the dualist disconnect thru day and night appreciation
  • Learn how to respect the petals and open the female flower naturally by touching her in a way that allows her nectar to flow freely feeding the divine within her lover’s mind
  • With the power of Elemental Attraction teachings you will learn to clearly see the energy that is sexually needed to balance your being, this wisdom will also give you the tools to enrich, sustain and protect the gift of consciously committed relationships
  • Realize your abilities to open and honor the masculine flower as you receive the subtle seeds within the nectar learn to water what you hold and in time you will behold the blossoming of the nurtured seed offering it’s evolving truth to you infinitely
  • Gain the transformative relationship wisdom of the Flying Caterpillar and learn how to sustain mentally when your sexual relationship is transforming
  • Nature encompasses all, with earth based sexual wisdom you learn to transform the energetic disturbances caused by excessive or uncaring lovers,  heal the effects of sexual abuse, relationship burnout, as well as transform emotional and sexual shut down
  • Learn how to make and use Earth Vessels to transmute excessive accumulated mental negativity, see how the earth holds you thru your evolution of consciousness, loving you always unconditionally, see this true empowered receptivity and in time you become what you see
  • Discern your core human tribe and create conscious grids with these people that are sacred to you
  • Learn to release the need to be seen clearly by those who can not see you clearly and free yourself from their false perception of you thru the Sun Realization Meditation
  • Thru the practice of Sexual Lightening learn how to prevent stagnate or contradicting sexual rhythms from hindering the power of committed love
  • Create the story and facilitate the space that allows the wild animals within you to relate harmoniously to the wild animals within your Lover
  • Learn the art of intimate oil anointing and nature wisdom transference
  • Receive the power of Rainmaker Sex Alchemy
  • With the wisdom of Moonlight Sexuality learn how to sexually plant seeds of consciousness within the increasing light of the moon and how to transmute the seeds you do not need during the nights that the moonlight is waning
  • With the wisdom of Moonlight Sexuality learn how to sexually plant seeds of consciousness within the increasing light of the moon and how to transmute the seeds you do not need during the nights that the moonlight is waning
  • Through the path of the 13 trees learn to find the tree that most relates to your being and your lover’s being so as to allow both partners what is needed to flourish
  • In this class you will learn how to make and use nature sensuality tools to reignite, heal and stimulate you and your lovers body and mental state with nature’s wisdom which opens the sacred gate of the feminine within both allowing you and your partner’s receptivity to co-relate
  • Learn the sexual sound practice of Wild Lover OHAH to exchange sexual vibrations consciously
  • Realize the power for men and women of Sunrise Sex
  • Thru the art of Nature Sourcen you will learn to become the rain, the rivers, the fire, the lightning, the blooming flowers and the fallen leaves whenever need be, with Nature Sourcen you remember how to be one with the moon, the stars, the sun, the rainbows and the deep seas, being one with nature sexually sets you and your lover free to drink the cosmic truth that is out of reach when perceptually ruled by grids of human made hierarchy
  • Learn to orchestrate nature infusement sex rituals
  • Embrace the power of symbiotic relationship wisdom thru the Crocodile and the Bird teachings which allows odd couples to transcend the distrust of society’s assumptions
  • Learn to barometer your present energetic capacity, create conscious boundaries and facilitate the personal space that allows you to consciously connect to the power points that replenish your energy so you can move harmoniously and sustainably thru your reality
  • Learn how the Smell the Flowers pleasure experience practice enlivens and expands your sexual pleasure capacity
  • Sexual Seasons teach you how to consciously align your sexuality to the wisdom of each season
  • With the power of Animal Attraction teachings you will learn to clearly see the energy that is sexually needed to balance your being, this wisdom will also give you the tools to enrich, sustain and protect the gift of consciously committed relationships
  • Understand the four seasons of sex
  • Give your body and soul a voice and learn some of the many uses of Validation Stones
  • Understand how tree’s energy can heal the disconnected family as you learn multi-dimensional nature bridge relating
  • Learn to use multi-sense earth tools to overcome social and sexual anxiety
  • Learn from the wisdom of the water, move with integrity as you learn how to treat your lover so they can reflect your truth clearly, for the love you give you shall receive and what you see is the reflection of being seen
  • Dance the Wild Lover dance and sing the Wild Lover song as you allow your inner wild mind to unwind you free yourself from expression oppression confinement ties, allowing your sexual expressive abilities to come alive
  • Learn to gain your perceptual power back from the mountains of illusions with the Become What You Want meditation
  • Be embraced by the Earth Family Realization and re-tribe with the spirits of nature, and receive the gift of 2 hand 10 spirit communicating
  • Come to know your nature refined truth as you consciously invigorate your soul’s eternal roots, open your ears to the whisper of the timeless only your soul can hear, ignite Soul Memory and retrieve the ancient gifts given to you by infinity
  • Understand why wild lovers are so needed in the conscious sexual evolution of humanity, learn how the sacred key of empathy was created by the earth’s natural self healing abilities and if you receive this key you are directly connected to the shift that is happening
  • Become a Wild Lover of Air and see how the invisible connects everything in an exchange of energy that is constantly communicating within the movement of space, learn to use this understanding to invigorate the air that surrounds you and your lover with profound vibrational care
  • Discover the sweetest fruit, enliven the mind and drink from the divine, by learning the art of nature based oral sex
  •  Learn to receive your lover’s wild seeds consciously and turn them into many circles of ecstasy then learn to let them fly away and be in the wind again
  • In this course you will learn how to make and use nature sensuality tools to reignite, heal and stimulate you and your lovers body and mental state with nature’s wisdom which opens the sacred gate of the feminine within both allowing you and your partner’s receptivity to co-relate

The Male and Female Within

The Wild Lover, Sexual Alchemy and the Golden House teachings are constantly evolving with the students that receive them, this dynamic exchange is uniquely customized to relate to the individual and their gender associations “he, she, they” as well to the inner male and female that is within all humans, so all teachings geared towards masculine empowerment can be applied to yourself as a man or to the men in your life and/or to the masculine within and all teachings geared towards female empowerment can be applied to yourself as a woman or to the women in your life and/or to the feminine within.


Male Empowerment

Tap into the true gifts of the masculine and begin to understand the incredible power of projection to plant conscious seeds and transform your perception and heal relationship confusion and spiritual stagnation, learn how to harness your enlightened sexual abilities to reach your true peace, dynamic power and highest potential.

female empowerment

Female Empowerment

Learn to sustain a clear perception while cultivating a sexually empowered reality, transforming your relationship with yourself, your lover and life while igniting your incredible feminine powers of transmutation reclaiming your empathic abilities to consciously magnify or transmute that which you receive so you can embody the incredible potential inherent in your being.

singles are welcome

Available to All

Whether you are in a partnership or not, expanding your understanding of sexuality ignites your innate abilities to set yourself free, transmute emotional states of being and truly experience the full expression of your potential within this reality

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Each Sexual Enlightenment Coaching package offers you the opportunity to be supported along your journey, receiving dynamic personalized guidance that empowers you to realize your potential, actualize the jewels within you and activate the gifts of the Sexual Enlightenment Path you choose.

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